What is Agave Syrup? Agave Syrup (Nectar) is a natural fructose sweetener derived from the Agave plant. Unlike other high fructose sweeteners pure agave syrup has a Very Low Glycemic Index and your body therefore does not require insulin to break it down.
Why did it take me two years to find the best quality Organic Agave Syrup there is ? Well it is because there are a lot of imposters out there and a lot of mis-information too. I have researched and worked with independent experts who have shared their extensive and scientific knowledge and facts about the Agave Plant. This includes the eminent professor Miguel Cedeno who is internationally recognised and respected as the foremost authority on all things agave. The Agave plant is used in some cancer treatments. Inulin and pre biotics are also produced from the Agave plant which aid the digestive system.

You cannot generalise about “Agave Syrup (Nectar)”. This is because there is a wide variety available in hugely varying standards. Some brands are not pure and cut with modified high fructose corn syrup, so many contain added enzymes, a lot of agave syrups are over cooked at high temperatures any of these factors cancel out most of the health benefits. Corn Syrup is 100% Glucose and has a High Glycemic Index which is NOT healthy and a major factor in weight gain.

So it is important not to waste time and money on an inferior quality of agave syrup no matter how well you may know a brand name. AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup is widely recognised as the Finest Quality available and is used by Top Chefs, Master Chocolatiers, Master bakers, Mixologists and the food industry. It has been featured on CNN Global and ITV This Morning.

Our Premium Blue Weber Agave plants are Organically farmed and picked by hand. Our syrup is lab tested twice to ensure that standards are the highest at all times. AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup is a pure single ingredient product. This means there is nothing else added at all. Our agaves are slow steamed with NO enzymes to ensure the highest level of quality and to retain the natural health benefits. AquaRiva Organic Agave Syrup has a Very Low Glycemic Index and is Gluten Free, and has NO AFTER TASTE.